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Calculating Your Cap Or Hat Size
Calculating Your Cap Or Hat Size
Choosing a cap or hat of the correct size is essential. Heads come in all shapes and sizes and there is no such thing as an average size. It is important that you are confident that you are ordering a cap or hat that will fit you well.

Cap and hat sizes are generally measured in one of three different sizing scales; British, North American or European/Metric.

British headwear sizes are given in an imperial measurement and the sizes usually range from 6 1/2 to 8. North America use the imperial scale however measurements are an eighth of an inch larger than the British system. European cap sizes use the metric sizing standard which is a measure of head circumference given in centimeters. Metric sizes usually range from 52 - 64.

All Albert Prendergast headwear use the British imperial sizing standard. When ordering a cap or hat you will need to enter your size in this standard.

A conversion chart is shown here to convert from North American or European metric to British imperial sizes.

British (inch) ----------- U.S. (inch) --------------- European (cm)
6 5/8 ----------------------- 6 3/4 ------------------------ 54
6 3/4 ----------------------- 6 7/8 ------------------------ 55
6 7/8 ----------------------- 7 ------------------------------ 56
7 ---------------------------- 7 1/8 ------------------------- 57
7 1/8 ---------------------- 7 1/4 ------------------------- 58
7 1/4 ---------------------- 7 3/8 ------------------------- 59
7 3/8 ---------------------- 7 1/2 ------------------------- 60
7 1/2 ---------------------- 7 5/8 ------------------------- 61
7 5/8 ---------------------- 8 3/4 ------------------------- 62
7 3/4 ---------------------- 7 7/8 ------------------------- 63
7 7/8 ---------------------- 8 ------------------------------- 64

To calculate your metric cap size a measurement of the head circumference should be taken in centimeters. This is best achieved by passing a cloth tape measure around the head. Alternatively a piece of string may be used and measured against a ruler or tape measure. It is important that this measurement is taken where the base of the cap or hat would normally rest. To take a measurement position the tape measure or string so that it rests just above the brow at the front of the head, touching the top of the ears at the side. Pull the tape so that is taught but not too tight and take a measurement.

Take the measurement in centimetres and convert it to British imperial using the chart given above.