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The 'W.G. Grace' Cap In Brown & Sky

The 'W.G. Grace'  Cap In Brown & Sky
'W.G Grace' cap in brown & sky.Front view.Rear view.Lining.W.G Grace circa 1902.

Ref: 2785

Available exclusively through 'Albert Prendergast Ltd'.

W.G. Grace is arguably the most famous English cricketer of all time. Here is a faithful reproduction of his famous cricket cap. British made (by hand) from 80% wool flannel in brown & sky blue and finished with a small peak and contrasting cotton lining.

This cap is an accurate copy of the one shown in many pictures of the legenday batsman.

The quality of this cap is truly superb. The concentric rings have been created by 'ripping' and then re-stitching the cloth. This is the traditional way to make a cap such as this.

The 'W.G. Grace' cap is a made to order item and is available in a range of sizes. Delivery will be around 6 to 8 weeks.

Price: 145.00 (Including VAT at 20%)